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We work alongside our clients from the outset of the relationship, with our skill, developed over the years and handed down from father to son. Our knowledge of knits, processes and markets enable us to assist the companies in an effective partnership devoted to achieving the best outcome. We offer our clients advice even in the stages preliminary to production, in the choice of the fabrics and realization of the models.


We develop prototype garments starting from simple ideas or specific sample projects submitted by our clients.

This stage is a fundamental step in the production process.

The mission of our company’s prototyping and sampling division is to examine the client’s sample, sometimes interpreting a simple idea, through frequent meetings and discussion, until we arrive at the complete development of the project/model.

Only when we have established the characteristics of every model, and not before focusing on all the details, we proceed with the preparation of the machine program and the many knitting tests, after which we can proceed to actual production.

Quality Control

Every garment is inspected by operators assigned to that function. The different stages include careful examination of the product to ensure that only perfect garments leave our plant.

Research and Development

The human skills and the use of advanced technologies enable us to stay up-to-date at all times. Naturally, we have a strong focus on research and the development of innovative solutions to satisfy the needs of our excellent clientele in the best ways possible.


Because we operate on behalf of the major brands on the market, we are always careful to maintain the maximum confidentiality about every project. Discretion is our watchword.

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