A research laboratory for new trends

Constant evolution

The fashion market is one that is constantly evolving. Trends have their day and novelties with the ability to surprise are the basis of the success of any collection.

Thus, every year, the spinners present the new yarn trends to add richness to a demanding market, always in search of originality. This incessant research, accompanied by the desire to push the limits with yarns that are increasingly beautiful, sophisticated and even technological, places heavy demands on even the most expert technicians and advanced machinery. It is just for this reason that a balanced combination of great technical capability and flexibility becomes essential.

Dynamism and experimentation

That’s where we excel: we are dynamic, ready to change and curious to try new experiments, even with the most difficult materials. We are committed to discovering what’s new, to studying and developing new guidelines for fashion, expressed in the constantly changing collections of the spinners.

These days, the focus on sustainability has led to the development of yarns that combine high performance with creativity pushed to the highest levels of innovation, and we are ready to use them with the utmost skill and mastery to satisfy our clients.

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