An international unit of measure

What is the gauge?

Basically, gauge is a unit of measure that indicates the number of needles in the space of 2.54 cm on the needle bar.

The gauge number is inversely proportional to the size of the gauge: a 3-gauge knit will be coarser than an 18-gauge. The gauge is thus the element that classifies the machinery.

The elements that determine a machine’s gauge are: the space between the needles, the shape of the needle and the distance between the front and rear needle bars. Obviously, the different gauge of the garment also changes the way it feels, giving it a silkier feel the higher the gauge and a coarser feel in the low gauges.

Gauges we work on

Machinery area

Thanks to our new division, fully equipped with Shima Seiki knitting, we can satisfy the strict demands of high fashion. Using special machines, we are able to produce any kind of fully-fashioned knit, from inlays to jacquards, with every type of contouring and employing the most diverse types of fine yarns.

18 GAUGE– n° 8 SVR-122
14 GAUGE – n° 8 NEW SES-122
12 GAUGE – n° 8 NEW SES-122
7 GAUGE – n° 6 NEW SES-123 , 32 intarsia yarn feeders
5 GAUGE – n° 6 NEW SES-122
3 GAUGE – n° 6 NEW SES-122

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