Can you produce even individual garments?

Our production capacity and decades-long experience enable us to work on individual prototypes, as well as to fill orders for thousands of garments monthly.

Can you operate in different gauges?

Yes, we have two specialized divisions, one which operates on 12-gauge and the other on 18.

What type of knits can you produce?

We have no particular limitation. We sample and product cut-and-sew as well as fully-fashioned garments, jacquards as well as inlays, and any type of knit stitch.

How many and what kind of machines do you have available for knitting?

The 12-gauge division operates with 25 flat Staiger machines, while the 18-gauge division has 10 Shima Seiki SVR flat machines.

What software do you use for textile programming?

We use MODEL 9 for the 12-gauge and APEX3 for the 18-gauge.


What are the sectors you specialize in?

Our machines enable us to produce garments for the fashion sector (prêt-à-porter and high fashion), sportswear (with the latest technological textiles) and medical (with a strong focus on orthopedics).

Do you inspect every garment?

Yes. We guarantee quality control at the highest level with inspection of every single garment produced.

Do you also make prototypes?

Yes, we make prototypes both starting from a simple idea and using a model supplied by the client.

How do you manage delivery of the finished product?

Our client will let us know how and where to ship the finished product, whether to their plant, to one of their garment makers or to another destination, and when to deliver: daily, twice a week, weekly, etc.

Can you supply finished garments?

Yes. We have been cooperating for years with a number of garment makers who habitually work with our production as requested by our clients.

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