We are a knitting mill…

... made of women and men, history and values.


The Italian history of knitwear

Ours is an artisan company specialized in the manufacture of knitwear on commission.

Our background is the story of a family founded in the mid-70s and that continues to the present time with the third generation, the same passion and the latest technologies, placing them at the service of the most important Italian brand names that entrust us with the production of their apparel lines of knitwear for men, women and children.


A specialized staff

We emphasize the value of our human resources.

Our staff is comprised of a dozen specialists in different area: from the sample and programming office to the production section, as well as quality control, which remains a strong focus of our work method.


From the single garment to the large orders

Our production skills and decades of experience enable us to work on the single prototype with the same attention as when we fill orders for thousands of garments a month. This enables us to satisfy different production and distribution needs, without ever losing sight of the quality of the outcome.

Italian production

From the project to the finished garment

All processing is done solely and exclusively on our Italian company premises.

F.lli Talassi s.n.c.
Via Roaldo Piva, 12
46025 Poggio Rusco, Mantova

Mission and Values

Company mission

Thanks to the skills of our team and the spirit of teamwork that makes each person’s contribution essential, as well as the fundamental knowledge of our business acquired through experience, we have achieved an important position on the market in the fashion sector, and have won the trust of our clientele by distinguishing ourselves for quality and professionalism.

For us, this is what matters most:

  • To listen to the clients and their needs so as to respond in the best way with concrete proposals.
  • To fulfill all our commitments respecting our deadlines.
  • To innovate and invest in research for improvement, and to implement the development of our prototypes, quality control and productive processes.
  • To communicate clearly with clients and partners so as to maintain a satisfying, successful relationship.

Company values

We are proud of our company’s decades-long history in which the family and many other fine people have always had a decisive role.

Our clients want to be known for the excellence of their products, and we are in a position to help them do just that, by guaranteeing that our own standards of excellence remain constant in time.

Endless curiosity and the desire to achieve better and greater results are the engine that powers our work.

The success of our company is the product of our commitment and the dedication of every person who contributes skills and innovative ideas with great flexibility. The value of each of us enables us to achieve the best results for you.

We know that respect and personal growth are the foundations of shared development. For this reason, we value individual talent in order to reach the target of the group as a whole.

It takes courage to be able to anticipate the market trends, and ours arises from the certainty of offering excellent quality and unswerving commitment, through attention to detail, constant control of our machinery and the utmost reliability.

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