Italian Knitwear
since 1970

A story of passion

Specialized in the sectors of Fashion, Medical devices and Sports.


At our mill in Poggio Rusco (Mantua) we produce fully-fashioned knitwear in two gauges for both prêt-à-porter and for the exclusive designs of high fashion collections.

We are proud to work with some of the biggest names in Italian and international fashion, and we devote ourselves with strong commitment to producing some of the finest clothes that appear on the world's catwalks or that can be purchased in the most exclusive boutiques.


Orthopedic sector

Knitting is important in the orthopedic sector too, because it enables us to produce special fabrics for this specific sector.

In this field, we are cooperating in the development of important pilot products and scientific studies, placing our skill at the service of operators and researchers in the medical sector.


Technical textiles at the service of top performance

The world of fibers developed for sportswear is in constant progress. Continuous research has caused a marvelous evolution of textiles, leading to apparel that is exceptionally lightweight and strong, allowing the skin to breathe so as to satisfy the needs of the world of sports, making physical activity more comfortable.

Our job is to cooperate in these processes of research and produce the best solutions for professional athletes and sports enthusiasts the world over.


Our professionalism doesn’t end with executive skill, but extends to service, with a clear focus on the clientele.


Technology is at the service of our staff’s professional skill to guarantee the excellence of the result, without losing the human touch.


Our experience and constant study are devoted to keeping one step ahead of fashion. Our luxury and lifestyle departments require knowledge and good dose of farsightedness.


Different gauges yield different results to the eye and touch, and also to the fit and comfort of the finished garment. Our divisions are specialized to produce different solutions.

Who we are

Italian Knitwear since 1970

Our story is the story of a family, founded mid-70s and continuing to this day with the third generation.

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